{the people I didn't see today}

I wrote this last year on the Roe v. Wade anniversary, but I thought I would post it again for today’s date (even though today is obviously not a school day).

Today is a gorgeous, sunny blue day with perfect temperatures.
Today, as I walked to my Shakespeare class, I was surrounded by hundreds of fellow students, all talking, laughing, or just going about their business.
As I looked at the people around me, I was struck by the faces I didn’t see among them.
I could almost picture these faces— but instead, I could only see them as blank silhouettes.
These faces were the ones that should have been students here today….should have been laughing with their friends on this day out of April…should have been going to class…should have been sitting next to me in a lecture and asking questions about the syllabus.
And I didn’t see the younger teachers…those 30-somethings with a fresh Ph.D by their names, who spend their days talking about their intellectual passions.
They should have been cracking stupid jokes to their students….should have been calling the roster…should have been chuckling about the way their laptops kept malfunctioning during class.
All of these people
–both the students and the teachers–
should have been here today, doing these things.
But they weren’t. Because they were aborted.
Today is the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
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