In Which We See The Effects of Insomnia

(Cross-posted from my Blogspot blog…I thought this was too funny not to share with y’all.  🙂 )

According to, some of the effects of insomnia include

◦Poor concentration and focus

◦Difficulty with memory

◦Impaired motor coordination (being uncoordinated)

◦Irritability and impaired social interaction


This morning, after exiting my Texas Geography final, I headed for Bernie’s to get a mocha. Judging from the events that followed, I obviously needed it.

Me, looking through wallet as I was paying at the counter: That’s bizarre, I could have sworn I just had the card in my hand! What did I do with it…?

Nice Lady at Counter, {HANDING ME THE CARD I HAD *JUST* GIVEN HER}: And here you go!

{item for consideration: I had absolutely no memory of giving her my card to swipe, just seconds before. None whatsoever.}

A few minutes later…

Nice Lady at Counter: Do you want whipped cream?

Me, somehow thinking she was asking my name: Oh…Margaret.

This, my friends, is what insomnia does to me. And it’s also why I’m ready for this barrage of finals to be over!

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6 Responses to In Which We See The Effects of Insomnia

  1. Jon says:

    Sounds like you went a week without sleep

  2. Brian JM says:

    I think there’s something else wrong. He’s another diagnosis you might want to consider and consult your doctor about. According to,

    Aggie syndrome:

    is commonplace in locations such as College Station, or anywhere TAMU spots are visible just above the skin. This horrible disease may affect memory, cognition, and coolness. Symptoms include forgetfulness, a sickly maroon color, and loosing football games.

    😛 😛

  3. Uhhh, Margaret? That is so funny!!!

  4. Hey at least you remembered your name. Some one once asked me what my name was and I quickly responded “I don’t know.” Okay maybe that’s because I thought they were asking about something else. But still….:P

  5. Annie Hall says:

    Aw How your day has gone better today! lol sounds like something one of my moms friends did! She withdrew from the bank exactly enough to get their food from the drive through. she ordered and drove to the 1st window, paid and drove up to the next window. after pulling up to the 2nd window, she started digging around in her purse looking for the money, needless to say, she couldn’t find it. She said “Oh I’m so sorry! I don’t have any money at all!” Window dude: “Uh, didn’t you pay back there?” Friend: Oh Yes!” lol

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