Brain-Waves {a re-posting}

{DISCLAIMER: This is a re-posting of a blog entry from my regular Blogspot blog.  I’m posting it here on JibeNow because it explains, in part, why I was so happy today.  Because I knew that Certain People jumped to conclusions. 😀 And so, I want to clear up all confusion.}


I have about a billion scrambled thoughts shooting through my head right now…or at least I did earlier. During my Shakespeare class, I kept scribbling notes on the back of my hand in black ink, so as to organize the randomness of my little mind.

Brain-wave #1: So, I got to spend this weekend with Owen and my dad at the National Open speech/debate tournament in Houston. I came there under the pretense of judging some events. Item: I only judged one event. So, I don’t think I truly earned my keep. But I still had a fairly good time. I got to meet many of Owen’s assorted speech chums.  It was amusing, to say the least. And, at said tournament, I was also able to hear the infamous “jam sessions” performed by Owen and his friends. Wow! So cool to hear them all together!


{Owen is amazing} 🙂
Brain-wave #2: During class this morning, I spent a great deal of time picking splinters out of the back of my hand. Why, you may well ask.

Well, yesterday morning we drove back to College Station and attended church at Westminster, followed by lunch at Rudy’s BBQ. And after that, we decided to take a leisurely Sunday drive in the College Station area. It wasn’t long before we headed out to the little town of Snook, which is apparently an old Czech community. When I spotted the quiet little Snook Cemetery, I (of course) wanted to stop and browse through the graves.

As we walked around, observing the Czech family names that dotted the cemetery, we noticed a long trail of giant red ants, the kind that cut leaves and carry them into their burrows. My dad and I were instantly fascinated and paused to watch them. I had my camera with me, and knelt down next to the Trail of Ants to photograph them.

A few seconds later, I noticed that a Something-Or-Other was stuck to the back of my right hand. Now, I instantly thought it was a giant ant about to sink his giant jaws into my skin.

Me: AAA! AAA! It’s an ant! Get off, get off, get off, oooooo!!!

{followed by violently slamming my hand into the ground and rubbing it around}

Me: Aack! It’s still there! GET OFF!

{more rubbing and screeching}

Me: WHAT? It’s still there…oh, wait. It’s a sticky-burr!

Yes, my friends, that lovely scene was all for the sake of a stupid sticky-burr that I had mistaken for an ant. When I looked at my hand, I instantly realized my folly. I had been slamming my hand into more of the sticky-burrs that surrounded the ground around me. And now, I had little bloody dots and scratches all over the back of my hand. And splinters too. And that is why my hand now resembles a bad case of poison ivy.

And, during the sticky-burr scene, my dad was about ten feet away, videotaping the ants. Of course, my crazed screeching now graces the background audio track of that video. Joy. I can’t wait to hear it. 😀

Brain-wave #3: After tears, stress and anxiety…last night I finally found out that next semester, I will get to live with 4 other RUF gals…in a house…in the country!!!


In fact, I did scream. On the landing of the dorm stairs last night. And I heard somebody say. “What was that?”, whereupon I casually kept going up the stairs as if I hadn’t heard a thing.

Now, I haven’t actually been out to the house yet but, according to rumors, it has 4 bedrooms and a huge yard, and is about 15 minutes away from campus. Which fact, of course, brings up another idea: I Will Need a Car, and Oh Yeah, I Will Also Need a Driver’s License.

Brain-wave #4: It is supposed to snow 1-3 inches here tomorrow. I repeat, I am excited.

Brain-wave #5: I also can hardly wait to start working on my “Landscape Project” for TX Geography. We have to go to our hometown areas and do a photo-documentary of the places that are near and dear to us. That, my friends, is right up my alley.

And now, this monster post is done.

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2 Responses to Brain-Waves {a re-posting}

  1. I’m sure that “Certain People” would never jump to any conclusions. The ant/sticky-burr thing is hilarious. Good job.


  2. Alex Adams says:

    Actually, Paul, “Certain People” did jump to conclusions. Isn’t that right, MG? 😉

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