An Item for Consideration

My British Lit teacher is a very odd sort who enjoys harking the merits of literary lewdness and proto-feminism, along with other things.  Two weeks ago, while speaking about the use of parchments (animal skins) in the Middle Ages, she apologized if she was offending any animal-rights activists in the class. 

There’s a good reason they call it Liberal Arts…

Silence, you math-and-science people!

: )

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3 Responses to An Item for Consideration

  1. alexmacdonald says:

    Hahaha! That made me laugh!

    BTW I’m Alex Macdonald from ARC. I just met your brother at a debate tournament this month.

  2. Hey, it’s UT. Doesn’t surprise me.


  3. luke says:

    Guess we’re all math-and-science people. HAR HAR!

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